So… you’ve decided to turn your back on everything that you used to believe, everything that was engraved in your mind since you were a child, every teaching that gave you motivation to be a good person and make wise decisions. Well, to you we say… Congratulations!

Congratulations on the beginning of a new journey of open-mindedness and self-discovery. However, this is not an easy journey. It takes a lot of courage and often results in loss of friendships and abandonment by family members. Frustration, anger, and depression are very common side effects of losing your belief, and this sequela can be seriously dangerous.

This blog has been created so that we can help each other to diminish these unfortunate outcomes and to learn how to truly enjoy this new open-mindedness. If your intention is to find a place to rant about how ridiculous your former religion is, then you need to keep surfing the web. This site is about understanding, healing, and and helping each other find motivation to remain ethical, moral, sane and upright even when your belief system has collapsed.


There are many non-religious ideas we can adopt that will continue inspiring us. In the comments below, share with us any ideas that help motivate you.

What NOT to do

After leaving a religion, people too often do really stupid things. What are your experiences and ideas on things to avoid.

Sour Relationships

After leaving a religion, there are bound to be some lost relationships. Here is where we can explore ideas to mend these relationships in a healthy manner.

Teaching Your Children

For those of us with children, leaving a religion that teaches good principles and values is very difficult. It brings up the question, “How will I raise my kids to be good people without a religion that engrains these ideas into their little brains from the time they are little?” Have any ideas on this subject?

Finding Community

If your former religion involved a lot of interaction with its members, leaving that religion is very difficult. Not only is it tough to leave an enjoyable social connection, but you also start to miss having a community of people who inspire each other. Hopefully, this website forum provides you with some of that inspiration. Comment with any ideas on how you have discovered a sense of community.

Share Your Story

We'd like to hear your story. How did you decide to begin this new journey? How did you discover this blog forum?