So… you’ve decided to turn your back on everything that you used to believe, everything that was engraved in your mind since you were a child, every teaching that gave you motivation to be a good person and make wise decisions. Well, to you we say… Congratulations!

Congratulations on the beginning of a new journey of open-mindedness and self-discovery. However, this is not an easy journey. It takes a lot of courage and often results in loss of friendships and abandonment by family members. Frustration, anger, and depression are very common side effects of losing your belief, and this sequela can be seriously dangerous.

This blog has been created so that we can help each other to diminish these unfortunate outcomes and to learn how to truly enjoy this new open-mindedness. If your intention is to find a place to rant about how ridiculous your former religion is, then you need to keep surfing the web. This site is about understanding, healing, and and helping each other find motivation to remain ethical, moral, sane and upright even when your belief system has collapsed.


There are many non-religious ideas we can adopt that will continue inspiring us. In the comments below, share with us any ideas that help motivate you.


Lost Faith New Hope said...

I’ve always loved the idea that we are constantly influencing each other and the world through our thoughts and actions. To an extent, our thoughts and actions are being projected continuously to people around us and, depending on how others respond, these thoughts become perpetuated, influencing the world. Regardless of a belief system, why not contribute to the world for the better?

Lost Faith New Hope said...

"The Seekers Guide" by Elizabeth Lesser. Every page of this book inspires me. For me, even after I stopped believing in my former religion, I did not want to actually stop attending until I found something else to inspire me to be good and do good. It took years, and then I found this book.

Anonymous said...

"7 habits of highly effective people". A really good read and it was written by an LDS guy, but there's no religious sway in it.

sarah said...

Some books I recommend are:

A New Earth

There is a spiritual solution to every problem

Eat, pray, love